>CONTACT US : kfc@nona.dti.ne.jp

For international orders from the durable.com shop please read the following.
For international orders, each T-shirt is US$32, Cap No.1 is US$32,No.2 is US$50,No.4 is US$65,No.5 is US$32,No.6 is US$40,No.7 are US$32 and US$50(Winter),No.8 is $US 65, No.9 is US$50 (not including shipping costs).
2.How to order from outside of Japan
First place an order, and after we check our stock, we will send you an
e-mail with a confirmation of the order, the total price, and the address of
our office. For orders, send an e-mail to thedrb71@hotmail.com stating "International
Order" in subject area.
Please write the following information in your e-mail:-Full name
-e-mail address
-Home address, phone number
-Name of product(s) you wish to order
-Quantity of each product(s)
-Shipping (EMS)

To pay for your order, please purchase an IMO (International Money Order) at
the post office, and mail it to Kenichi Fukuda. We recommend that you send
it by registered mail or EMS (we cannot take responsibility for any mail
that does not arrive, is lost, or delayed). Please mail your payment within 5 days after the confirmation e-mail is sent
to you. If 15 days passes and we do not receive the IMO, then your order will be cancelled. As soon as the IMO reaches us, the product(s) will be sent to you.

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